Labor’s new fresh food tax will unfairly target local farmers, worsening the current cost-of-living crisis and increasing grocery prices for families.

It will impose a new biosecurity protection levy on Australian farmers, rather than international importers.

Stand with us and stand up to this big new tax on Australian producers and consumers.

Tell Labor enough is enough.
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What the experts are saying

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“We are trying our best to compete globally and the government wants to put a tax on us.

It’s just crazy stuff.”
NSW Farmers President Xavier Martin
"This is poor, clumsy, lazy policy."
National Farmers' Federation CEO Tony Mahar
“A lot of fear and suspicion among representative growers.”
Grain Producers Australia chief executive Colin Bettles
"It's rushed, it's unrealistic."
Red Meat Advisory Council CEO Alastair James
“I think it’s insanity on so many levels, it is almost like they are trying to destroy the farming industry deliberately."
Bundaberg cattle and poultry farmer Jodie Healy
“I really think this new tax will cripple a lot of already struggling farmers. It also comes on top of the truckie tax. Farmers truck their produce everywhere, so this is just another blow.”
Bundaberg cattle and poultry farmer Jodie Healy

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24 April 2024
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18 October 2023
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The Weekly Times
12 June 2023

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Fresh Food Tax

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